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Feature: T Lopez

Singer/Actress T Lopez remembers her parents changing their lives to provide a better life for their children. According to T, life as a child was a little rough. Her parents met at age 12 and according to T, “they were little hoodlums, and made some bad decisions.
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Feature: Andy Vargas

Many kids wish to become a police officer, doctor, or an astronaut. For Andy Vargas, the dream did become his reality when he woke up at the age of nineteen and became the lead singer for Santana.
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Feature: Joey Medina

One day you might find yourself being employed with so many jobs; working so hard to strive for ambition. There comes that voice in your head, “Where do I belong?” and you do not have a definite answer.
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Feature: Efren Ramirez

Efren has shown his talents in TV commercials, and has had parts in some popular TV shows, like ER and Judging Amy. But even with his extensive profile of acting, Ramirez had to climb through obstacles in his life to achieve stardom.
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